BMO Harris/Bank of West deal hits snag of $1.9 billion in potential fines July 28

On top of that, BMO Harris has been accused of deleting evidence. This could mark the end of the line for the deal.

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Volume increased 12% YoY in its fiscal Q3 and was at 136% of 2019 levels—though inflation likely played a role.

Meta’s Q2 shows how far its ad business has fallen: Wounded by privacy changes and a lack of young users, the value of Meta’s ads is plummeting.

Big Tech earnings buoyed by cloud: Microsoft and Alphabet’s quarterly earnings weren’t as bad as expected, boosting market confidence. But continued strength hinges on cloud divisions that aren’t recession-proof.

Banks, consumers, and regulators still can’t agree on a sound method for sharing data while still maintaining privacy.

Adding functions for small sellers’ convenience can help shore up its business, but it could also foreshadow Amazon’s broader payments strategy.

Google’s Q2 results are a mixed bag: Although expenses grew at a faster rate than revenue, its search advertising business could be stealing advertisers from social platforms like Meta.

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There are fewer retail vacancies than any time in 10 years: Retailers are testing new formats and expanding their physical presences to be closer to where consumers live and shop.